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Experience Sampling Methodology (ESM) in clinical practice during Corona
Wim Veling, Harriëtte Riese, Fionneke Bos, Elise van der Stouwe, Chris Geraets, Erna van 't Hag, Danielle Cath.

The corona pandemic has a large impact on everyone. In people with a psychiatric disorder, the new regulations regarding social distancing - limiting daily activities, structure and social support - can potentially increase symptomatology. Moreover, people with a psychiatric disorder may be especially vulnerable for the anxiety this pandemic brings.
Therefore, a small taskforce has made a special corona ESM diary available for clinicians at the University Center Psychiatry and GGZ Drenthe. Other RoQua sites have already expressed interest in joining this initiative. ESM offers insight into how patients are coping during this period and can therefore be an important clinical tool in times of limited face-to-face contact.
Patients complete an ESM diary seven times a day for four weeks. The diary includes items on mood, worrying, social contacts, and activities. Additionally, patients receive a weekly questionnaire on their experiences with the coronavirus. Feedback reports based on the completed ESM diaries are available at all time to clinicians, so they can monitor patients in between sessions and discuss the results with their patients.
The ESM corona diaries are currently used by several departments within the UCP and GGZ Drenthe. If you have any questions, please contact Fionneke Bos ( or Elise van der Stouwe (
Interesting courses
To be announced when: ESM Data Analysis course Maastricht University by Wolfgang Viechtbauer
30 Sep, 1, 2 Oct 2-2020: REAL ESM/EMA workshop KU Leuven (see site for updated information regarding Coronavirus)
August 2021: Modeling the dynamics of intensive longitudinal data, Utrecht University (this course is cancelled for 2020, but expected to be given again in 2021)
Online courses:
- Learn R through Datacamp (send an e-mail to for login details)
- ARIMA and VAR analysis by Elske Bos (send an e-mail to if you are interested but have no access to the google drive)
Upcoming symposia, conferences
17-19 Juni 2020: Annual Spring meeting Psychiatry, online (theme: 'precision psychiatry')
29 June - 2 July 2021: The Society for Ambulatory Assessment (SAA) 2021 conference, Zurich
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