Virtual Reality treatment for improving SOcial Activities and Participation of young people with psychosis.

Purpose of the study

Currently, the feasibility and acceptability of this new virtual reality treatment are assessed in a pilot study. In the coming years, a single-blind randomized controlled trial will be conducted to test the effect of VR-SOAP on social contacts, leisure activities and social participation.


  • Dauw Muijsson
  • dr. Elise van der Stouwe
  • dr. Kirstin Greaves-Lord
  • Saskia Nijman
  • Ivo Meins
  • prof. dr. Marieke Pijnenborg
  • prof. dr. Wim Veling


  till date


Patients with a DSM-5 diagnosis of schizophrenia spectrum or other psychotic disorder, age 18-35 years, and reduced quantity and quality of social contacts, leisure activities or social participation. Pilot: N = 6, RCT, N = 116.