Psychiatric assessment Revisited, Social, Psychophysiological and Environmental Characterization of a Transdiagnostic cohort (PRoSPECTs) feasibility study.

Purpose of the study

The objective of the current study is to assess feasibility and acceptance of a pre-treatment transdiagnostic psychiatric assessment module. This module includes the assessment of various social, psychophysiological and environmental characteristics that can be used to personalize treatment in an evidence-based manner.


  • Dr. S.H. Booij
  • Dr. H. Riese
  • Prof. dr. R.A. Schoevers
  • Dr. K.J. Wardenaar
  • Dr. M. Zuidersma
  • Dr. F.M. Bos
  • Dr. L.F. Bringmann
  • M. Stadel
  • R.R. Jagesar
  • Prof. Dr. M.J.H. Kas
  • Dr. S.M. Burke
  • Dr. S. Brederoo

en anderen / and others


  - 2023-09-01


A heterogenous group of adult patients (in terms of symptoms), that will be evaluated for care, or are already in care, at the University Center of Psychiatry.