An observational study using radioligand [11C]-UCB-J to determine synaptic density in healthy participants, patients with a psychotic disorder and their healthy siblings.

Purpose of the study

Primary aim is to evaluate whether psychotic patients have a lower synaptic density compared to healthy controls and healthy siblings. In addition, we aim to evaluate whether synaptic density influences cognition and functional connectivity, and whether functional connectivity mediates the association between synaptic density and cognitive functioning. Finally, we will evaluate genetic influences on secondary illness- and medication-related effects.


  • Prof. Dr. I.E.C. Sommer
  • Monique Germann


  - 2023-07-31


Group 1: 26 psychotic patients (diagnosis schizophrenia, schizo affective disorder or schizophreniform disorder).
Group 2: 26 healthy siblings of patients.
Group 3: 26 healthy controls.