FOCUS, study part A micro

Better lives of people with a psychotic disorder living supported

Purpose of the study

  1. Gaining more insight in the perspectives of relevant stakeholders (including the researcher) concerning ‘better lives’ of people with psychosis
  2. Facilitating dialogue and mutual understanding between stakeholders, and 3) Improving communications and collaborations with and around people with psychosis.


  • prof. dr. Richard Bruggeman
  • prof. dr. Tineke Abma (Amsterdam UMC, locatie VUmc)
  • dr. Gustaaf Bos
  • dr. Lian van der Krieke
  • Alke Haarsma, MA


  - 2024-04-30


Primarily and most importantly: people with a psychotic disorder living with varying intensities of support, in Zwolle and Groningen. Secondarily, their family members, friends, neighbors, mental health care workers, cops, and so on.