Assessing and Improving Financial Self-management in People with Psychosis to Support Independent Living and Social Participation

Purpose of the study

FinFit represents a new initiative on how to assess and stimulate financial self-management among people with psychosis.
First, we will explore how financial needs can create barriers to independent living in two large databases. Additionally, we will carry out quantitative and qualitative assessments on financial capabilities in people seeking financial support. Next, we will assess financial capabilities of service-users by applying the Financial Competence Tool, within First Psychosis Programs, investigating clinical, cognitive and contextual characteristics that may influence financial capabilities. We then investigate how financial capabilities in turn affect independent living, social participation, housing situation and leisure-time activities. This knowledge will be used to develop a new tool in close collaboration with service-users, caregivers, nurses, and financial experts. This tool aims to support people with psychosis to maintain or regain financial self-management, empowering social participation, leisure-time activities and independent living.


Promotors: prof. dr. Richard Bruggeman, prof. dr. Lydia Krabbendam. Co-promotor: dr. Janneke Koerts: PhD student: J.L. Jansen, MSc.


  - 2025-01-01


people with psychotic disorders (and healthy controls)