Automating labor-intensive preprocessing and analyses steps within actigraphy research

Purpose of the study

Actigraphy is more and more used in research. Also within the iLab several different studies in which actigraphy was used are ongoing and finished. Actigraphy is a relatively non-invasive method to measure sleep, circadian (24hrs) rhythm and physical activity in daily life. However, two problems of the conversion of raw actigraphy data to usable variables are: 1) it is a time-exhausting process, and 2) it is less easy to replicate because you are dependent on software packages belonging to the actiwatch which are prone to updates and removal. Therefore, ACTman is developed to automatically convert raw actiwatch data into usable variables for sleep and circadian rhythm.


Yoram Kunkels, Stefan Knapen, Marij Zuidersma, Marieke Wichers, Harriƫtte Riese, Ando Emerencia


  - 2020-05-01


ACTman: Automated preprocessing and analysis of actigraphy data