Newsletter July 2012

We are happy to update you on our iLAB activities of the last 2.5 months. Enjoy reading, happy holidays and save return home!

Application grant accepted

The grant application for “Doelmatigheidsonderzoek” within the UMCG has been accepted! This grant supports the development of automatizing of vector autoregression (VAR) analysis.  We believe that automatizing these analyses will save researchers much work in the future and it will aid implementing idiographic research in clinical practice.

iLAB Meetings 2012/13

You are invited to participate in two iLAB meetings which have been scheduled for the upcoming academic year on October 11th 2012 and March 7th 2013; 14:30-16:30. At the October meeting selected papers from a recent special issue of Psychosomatic Medicine on ambulatory monitoring http://www.psychosomaticmedicine.org/content/74/4.toc will be discussed. We want some of you to shortly present a paper as an introduction to a general discussion about the content of the paper and the usefulness of the paper for iLAB studies. If one of the papers appeals to you, you can let us know that you would like to present it. Also, if you want to participate in these meetings let us know by sending an E-mail to info@wordpress-677471-2499345.cloudwaysapps.com with ‘iLAB meetings’ in the header.

The topic of the second meeting will be announced later.


Martha Messchendorp has developed a wonderful Logo for the iLAB. The logos, which can be used for posters, PowerPoint presentations, etc., are available on the internal iLAB website (section 5.5 logo).


Two new -80° Celcius fridges are available for iLAB studies. They are located in the basement of the UCP builing (entrance 32). ILab researchers who want to store their samples in these fridges have to fill out a reservation form (section 5.2 equipment/fridge) to indicate how much space they need and how long their samples have to be stored. This form should be send to Harriëtte Riese (h.riese@umcg.nl). After you have received permission to store your samples, you have to indicate the exact location of your samples in the fridge on an online form (section 5.2 equipment/fridge). The fridges are under standard security of the UMCG Serumarchief which means that in case the temperature drops too much or raises too high an alarm is given to a central Serumarchief location. At the moment 4 persons from our department volunteered to be on the list of people who can be called in case the fridges have an alarm. Since 3 of these 4 persons live outside Groningen, we are looking for other volunteers. Let us know if you’re interested.


It is important to have a good overview of all available and currently in use equipment within the iLAB. Therefore, a sheet with an overview of equipment and options to reserve equipment can be found online (section 5.2 equipment/reservation). Could everybody please check whether this sheet is complete. If you have instruments available that are not listed, we ask you to add information. Please note that all instruments, like Psymates and accelerometers, have to be reserved on the internal iLAB website (section 5.2 equipment/reservation).

Roadmap METc proposal

Judith Rosmalen is currently developing a roadmap for writing and submitting METC proposals.  This roadmap will be available online at the end of July (section 4.0 METc protocols). It will be very useful for future ideographic studies. More details on this roadmap will be provided in the next newsletter.

Tips and suggestions

Some iLAB studies are already running or even finished and it would be more than useful if researchers who are or have been involved in these studies can provide tips and suggestions for future studies. All tips can be dropped in the document “tips and suggestions” (section 5.4 tips and suggestions) and will be ordered later. Tips from student projects and pilot studies are more than welcome as well.


Handbook of Research Methods for Studying Daily Life

At the end of 2011 The Handbook of Research Methods for Studying Daily, edited by Mehl and Conner was published (see http://books.google.nl/books?id=Zw9b0abbb8QC&pg=PR25&hl=nl&source=gbs_selected_pages&cad=3#v=onepage&q&f=false for the table of content). A copy is reserved for Elske Bos, so you can contact her if you want to read/copy a chapter from the book. Two of the chapters (chapter 1 and chapter 3) will be available on the iLAB website (section 3.0 statistical analyses/ idiographic).

External website and Mailing address

An external website for the iLAB has been developed. The link to the websites is:


Suggestions for updates or improvements are welcome.


There is also a mailbox (“postvakje”) available for the iLAB. Mail/packages can be sent to:

The iLab

University Center for Psychiatry (UCP)

University Medical Centre Groningen, HPC CC72

University of Groningen

PO Box 30.001

The Netherlands