Newsletter April 2012

Welcome to our first newsletter of the iLAB website. The newsletter will appear approximately every two months. It contains updates about information that can be found on the iLAB website, and important practical issues and requests with regard to iLAB studies. Please read this newsletter carefully. If you have content (announcements, questions, etc) for this newsletter you can mail this to Karin Janssens.



An iLAB account was created for all persons currently involved in iLAB studies. Moreover, all PIs of the ICPE have received an iLAB account. Please let Karin know if you know anybody else who needs an account.

Some persons encountered problems logging in to the system. If you log in on the regular gmail.com site (gmail.com), your user name should be extended with @rgoc.nl, if you log in directly via the RGOc apps site (google.com/a/rgoc.nl), you should not enter @rgoc.nl. Please let Karin know if you have any trouble logging in.



The first studies are uploaded to the iLAB site, so information about various studies, diary questions, and METc protocols can be found online. This information might be very helpful for developing your own iLAB study. We would like to thank everybody who put all this information online, especially Elske Bos.
However, the more information online the better, so please make sure that all information about ongoing and planned iLAB studies is uploaded!


ICPE retraite

Thanks for all your input during the ICPE retraite in February 2012! Based on your remarks, folder 5.0 “practical issues” was added to the iLAB documents. This folder contains practical information about studies performed within the iLAB (i.e. information about room reservation and equipment). Further, a field for the time interval of the study was added to the study sheet. And last, a field for background information was added to the variable sheet.


Independent doctor for iLAB studies

The independent medical doctor for all iLAB studies is psychiatrist Harm-Jan Pot. He should be mentioned in all METc protocols. Please, let H.J. Pot know as soon as your METc Protocol is approved.


Fridge capacity

The other week you all received a mail by Harriëtte Riese about the fridge capacity needed for the iLAB. Harriëtte wants to thank you all for your response, and will come back to you with specific question before the end of this month. For those who have not replied yet you can mail Harriëtte,  the kind of fridge capacity you expect to need the next 5 yrs (-20 degree C or -80 degree C), ii) the amount of space you need and iii) what size of boxes your material will be stored.


Statistical help

From now on, only persons who are supervised by Peter de Jonge can (directly) get statistical help from Elske Bos. Others can contact Karin Janssens for statistical help, if necessary Elske will assist. Elske added many documents to the iLAB site regarding idiographic analyses. In the future videos with statistical guidance will become available as well.


Best regards,


Dr. Karin Janssens (webmaster of the iLAB)

Dr. Harriëtte Riese (head of the iLAB)

Prof. dr. Robert Schoevers (head of the UCP)