Course for GSMS master and PhD students: Single-subject study design to assess mental health

Want to learn more about single-subject studies? Or you want to design a single-subject study? This course aims to provide the student with the knowledge to evaluate and judge the single-subject study design for different types of research questions, as well as its use for clinical practice. Instead of focusing on technical details, this course is more focused on the clinical and scientific application of the single-subject study in different discipline. September 2023 – December 2023 Intended for: master and PhD students of GSMS who are interested in learning about single-subject research. If you choose the long version of the course you will get the opportunity to perform your own single-subject study and analyse your data. Short version: runs in September 2023 and has 2 ECTs. Long version: runs from September 2023 to December 2023 and has 4 ECTs. Click here for the flyer. Course coordinator: Marij Zuidersma

You can apply for this course up till 1 September 2023 through the following webpage:


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