Research meeting May 2017

Move with the times: automated actigraphy data processing


At Monday 8 May 2017: 16-00 – 17:00 the last iLab meeting took place entitled MOVE WITH  THE TIMES: automatic actigraphy data processing. First, Marij Zuidersma introduced the concept of actigraphy in research by presenting about the use of actigraphy in research: which type of actiwatch should you use, what kind of variables can you extract from actigraphy, and examples of actigraphy studies with a particular focus on idiographic actigraphy studies at the ICPE.

After this, Yoram Kunkels presented about the development of an R-package for automatically creating usable variables from raw actiwatch data. After Yoram’s presentation, Stefan Knapen presented about the application of the R-package to his own actigraphy data. The audience was varied and included researchers from the UMCG, the RuG and HanzeHogeschool.

Click here to access the presentation.

Click here for more information about the development of the R-package ACTMAN to automatically convert raw actiwatch data to usable variables.