Core tasks

The main objective of the collaborative is the facilitating of diary studies for and by scientific researchers and practitioners. The iLab has six core tasks:

  •  Instrumentation. The iLab lends out equipment (including Smartphones, accelerometers, blood pressure monitors and laptops), and manages two research rooms. More information can be found on the internal website. Important: These facilities can also be used for non-idiographic research within the UCP
  • Communication. To encourage the exchange of information regarding diary studies between researchers and practitioners, various newsletters are issued and twice a year the iLab organizes a research meeting.
  • Statistics support. The internal website includes articles and instruction videos about various techniques for statistical analysis. Please note that these may not necessarily reflect state of the art, as developments occur rapidly in this field. Furthermore, the iLab can be consulted for advice on the analysis of diary data.
  • Library. The internal website furthermore contains detailed information about current and completed idiographic studies. This also includes a manual for writing Medical Ethics Review Committee (METc) protocols for idiographic studies, the protocols and background information about idiographic variables.
  • Knowledge development. Uncovering any knowledge gaps regarding diary studies and of developing new knowledge by starting up PhD and/or Student Projects.
  • iLab-module. Finally, the aim is to develop a transdiagnostic module and implement this for all new patients, in order to provide additional information that may help in diagnostics, and can be used for scientific research.