• To apply for an account for the internal platform, the lending of equipment, please contact Gerda Bloem (research assistant). We no longer have freezers available for storage of bio-materials.
  • For all other questions about the iLab, please contact Dr. Harriëtte Riese (Head of iLab, researcher), Dr. Marij Zuidersma (iLab website/newsletter, researcher), Dr. Klaas Wardenaar (iLab newsletter, researcher), Dr. Sanne Booij (iLab website, researcher), Prof. Dr. Robert Schoevers (Head of UCP).
  • Note: Marij Zuidersma is currently on maternity leave (July 2017 – January 2018). During this period, questions and suggestions about the iLab website, as well as new projects/employess  can be reported to Sanne Booij. Any input for the iLab newsletters, or questions about the mailing list can be send to Klaas Wardenaar.